D of E

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Air Training Corps is recognised as the largest provider of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme in the United Kingdom.

Cadets are offered the opportunity to partake in the scheme at a small registration cost subject to their chosen level. There are three entry levels with some restrictions around age, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Regardless of your chosen entry point, each level has four parts, including;

  • Voluntary Service – Cadets find a non-profit activity where they volunteer to undertake work in a chosen field or for a suitable organisation like the RSPCA or the like.
  • Physical – Whether it is a chosen sport, martial art or managed physical education programme, a cadet’s progress is monitored and signed off.
  • Skill – This might be model building, playing a musical instrument, rifle shooting or similar activity that demonstrates a level of skill that can be built on.
  • Expedition – A cadet having received training would be required to undertake a practice overnight camping expedition followed later by a fully assessed expedition and a final presentation after the event

Those completing the highest level, namely Gold are invited to the Royal estate to receive their award from a member of the Royal Family. Once again, this will add to an already growing Curriculum Vitae.