Recruit Training

At Hove Squadron we take great care and pride in preparing new recruits for cadet life. And with the recent changes to our minimum age, namely 12 and in year 8 at school, this has never been more important.

The first step – Come and visit us at the unit where we aim to deliver ‘The Walk & Talk’ with one of our staff or senior cadets, as well as addressing any questions you might have. With that out of the way, we then provide you with all the necessary paperwork and ask that it is completed and returned on your first night.

The Induction Course allows us to gently break in new cadets and build on their knowledge without the pressures of being in a large group. Here they will learn new subjects and meet new friends. The course lasts up to six weeks and covers the following:

•  Drill, discipline and uniform
•  Health and Safety on site
•  Internet based opportunities
•  Behaviour and expectations
•  Leadership exercises

With this under their belts cadets are better prepared to move up to the Junior Cadet Course and be taught by our select team of senior staff members and cadets. These subjects can be found on the AVIATION STUDIES page under 1st CLASS training.

The Junior Cadet Course (JCC) is as much a test of character as it is a training module. Only those who have a keen interest in learning and undertaking cadet life, stay beyond this basic training programme. In doing so we ensure the future of our unit by maintaining the highest possible standards, thus fulfilling the Corps’ three main aims.