A valuable part of cadet training is preparing for the future. Whether that be in the military or in civilian life. Leadership training prepares young people for the world ahead.

Cadets are taught a set framework to receive and absorb information, review it and brief their team in order to achieve a series of tasks. Known in the military as SMEAC it stands for:

  • Situation – What factors are relevant to the exercise, background or scenario.
  • Mission – Clearly stating the mission or task objective
  • Execution – The parameters with which the task has to be completed within. Rules of the exercise
  • Any Questions – Allows team members to verify any elements they are unsure of
  • Confirm Understanding – The leader asks questions of the group to ensure they can repeat elements of the briefing

Exercises are closely monitored and those seeking promotion are marked with a minimum pass mark scored on a matrix. After each exercise the instructor will de-brief the leader and the group. Communication at every level of this training is essential.

This type of training has many benefits. It builds confidence and self discipline within the Squadron. After a cadet’s career they can take this knowledge, confidence and motivational skills and utilise them when applying for universities or employment.

Thus standing them head and shoulders above the competition.