Cadets are offered the opportunity to shoot on a number of target rifles during their service. All cadets MUST be fully trained and have passed their Weapons Handling Test (WHT) every 6 months to remain eligible. All Range staff are highly qualified, ensuring a high level of safety when instructing.

  • The No. 8 Rifle

    The No. 8 rifle is a single shot bolt-action .22 calibre rifle. Typically, used on 25 yard indoor ranges, but it can also be used on longer outdoor ranges with adjustments. Designed to improve a cadet’s marksmanship in line with Olympic style shooting.

  • The L98-A1 Rifle

    The rifle is a single shot version of the British Army SA80 firing a standard 5.56mm NATO shot fed via a magazine holding 30 rounds. The rifle is manually ‘cocked’ and generally used over longer distances and often on outdoor ranges.

  • L81 Target Rifle

    Having qualified on the No. 8 and the L98 rifle, cadets are offered the opportunity to fire on the larger 7.62 round on the long range shoots usually run at Wing level.

  • Marksmanship Qualifications

    Cadets are encouraged to hone their skills over time. With greater accuracy and experience comes the recognition of achieving a variety of marksmanship levels, worn with pride on their uniform.