Cadets embrace a wide variety of training; from syllabus and aeronautical training to practical skills as well as vocational qualifications. The Corps syllabus training is a set package across a wide spectrum of subjects, each more challenging than the last. With each exam passed, new opportunities arise including; Flying, Gliding, Shooting, Annual Camps and even Promotion. The Corps is also the largest provider for the Duke of Edinburghs Award incorporating all three entry levels. For the those looking to enhance their Curriculum Vitae and improve their career prospects, the ATC delivers a BTEC in Public Services, Aviation Studies and Music. Leadership Training encourages all cadets to find their inner voice, take control and build on their confidence or lack of it. Delivering a strong performance when leading cadets is vital to ensure they listen and respect your decisions. Former cadets have also taken their skills and put them to good use during job interviews.